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Calmorimetric Flow Meters/switches
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Function of the unit
The electronic flow monitor model KAL-D...continuosly monitors flowing media. It finds service in all applications where flow currents with minimum pressure loss are to be accurately monitored. the one-part design of measuring probe considerably reduces dirt sensitivity

Operating principle
The electronic flow monitor model KAL-D....works according to the calorimetric principle. The sensor tip is heated to a few degrees above the temperature of the flowing medium. When the medium flows, heat generated in the probe is dissipated by the medium. In other words, the probe is cooled down. This coding sequence is a precise measure of the flow velocity.

The sensor signal is compared with reference data stored in a microcontroller. An alarm signal is generated when the desired flow velocity is reached. Simple calibration and optimal temperature compensaiotion is achieved with a micro-controller.

Temperature compensation
Temperature compensation in the KOBOLD flow monitor is achieved by a microcontroller. All information necessary for temperature compensation is programmed at the factory. The devices can easily be adjusted by the customer to the process conditions.
Due to the adaptation of the sensors to the operating data the sensors switch absolutley consistently even with large temperature gradient.

Switching range: 0.04 m/s ... 2 m/s Connection: G ¼, G ½, ¼" NPT, ½" NPT, M12 x 1 Material: stainless steel pmax: 40 bar (140°C CIP, device not in function) tmax: 80°C Repeatability: ±2 % LCD-display, switching output