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High-Resolution Manometer with Peak and Recording Function
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The LEO 5 combines the notable features of Keller’s successful LEO-Record and LEX 1 digital pressure gauges, featuring an IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure. This robust housing combines contemporary microcontroller-based electronics and capacitive-touch controls, operated through the environmentally-sealed safety glass front panel. The large backlit LCD display ensures readability in any lighting conditions.

Two selectable measurement modes, standard and peak, are included to ensure maximum versatility. In standard mode, high-resolution pressure measurements are taken twice per second. When operating in peak mode, sampling frequency increases to 5 kHz with 16 bit resolution.

The LEO 5 interfaces with a PC via USB connectivity, allowing access to active measurements and recorded data including pressure, peak pressure, temperature, and measurement interval. PC connection also allows device configuration, firmware updates, and recharging of the integral accumulator power supply.

The unique modular design of the LEO 5 makes possible adaptation to customer-specific measuring requirements.

  •  Rugged, waterproof stainless steel housing with safety glass face
  •  Large, easy-to-read 5-digit LCD display with 5/8” digits
  •  Operation by capacitive touch buttons
  •  Pressure peak with 5 kHz sampling frequency and high resolution measurment in standard mode
  •  Rechargeable accumulator power supply
  •  Record function (pressure, peak pressure, temperature, measurement time)
  •  USB-interface for configuration, download, and power recharge
  •  External supply and RS-485 BUS Interface
  •  Radio interface (bluetooth) for measurements in inaccessible places
  •  Barosensor integrated in manometer for AA measurements
  •  Analog outputs 4…20 mA or 0…10 V / up to 2 contacts (PNP)
  •  Custom software / custom specific test procedures
  •  Customized front cover
  •  Special pressure connections
Pressure Ranges -1…1 to 0…1000 bar
Accuracy ±0,05 %FS
Total Error Band ±0,1 %FS @ 0…50 °C
Interfaces USB
Special characteristics All-rounder
Display 5-digit LCD display
Reading capacity 56'000 measuring points

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