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Dual input loop isolator 0-32 mA/0-32 mA
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The 9600 is a miniature space saving DIN rail mount loop powered isolator designed specifically to eliminate ground loop measurement problems. The unit generates an output current in a load which is the same as the input current but galvanically isolated. The unit boasts galvanic isolation in excess of 1000V between input and output and requires no additional power supply. The 9600 is available in single or dual input/ouput versions. The dual unit can also be used to obtain two isolated outputs from one input (wire in series).

  • Low cost - high performance design
  • Loop powered - no additional power supply required
  • 0 - 30mA input/output current
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output > 1000V
  • Less than 0.25% transmission error and linearity error
  • 1 or 2 loop isolators can be ordered in the same enclosure