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Two by 3 digit process input indicator
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The Model 5016, is a 2 by 3 Digit (-99 - 199) LED Dual Channel Process Indicator which can be applied to many applications which require a dual input and a dual display eg. Temperature and humidity monitoring. Each channel is individually setup for zero , span, input type and more. The display as well as alarms, analog out, peak hold can be selected using channel A or Channel B.

Options include linearisation, analogue output and set-points up to a total of four. Excitation is standard and is link selectable for 2-wire / 3-wire transmitters and a potentiometer input.

Selected options now feature ‘Plug & Play’ technology, allowing option boards to be ordered separately & field fitted when required.

Included Accessories: Cold Junction Compensation box, Operating manual, red and black stackable safety test leads, SD card, battery pack, mains charger, rubber boot and plastic kit case

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