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5.5 Digit process/counter/frequency indicator
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These high accuracy, high quality LED indicators are used for universal process, counting and frequency applications. The -T option includes process integration / totalisation function. These indicators can be applied to most process variables with analogue & digital inputs, such as the measurement & display of pressure, level, flow, frequency, DC voltages or currents & revolutions per minute. Options include linearisation, analogue output and set-points up to a total of four. The display & analogue output is rangeable from the front pushbuttons. Excitation is standard & is link selectable for 2-wire / 3-wire transmitters, encoders & potentiometer input. Selected options feature ‘Plug & Play’ technology, allowing option boards to be ordered separately & field fitted when required.

Front panel IP65 / NEMA 4 / UL Type 4 rating,

Low cost - high performance design

Process inputs, frequency & counting functions

Keypad lockout available at no extra charge

Meets European EMC directive 89/336/EEC & Low Voltage directive 73/23/EEC

Customizable to suit your requirements


Display 5 Digit (-199 999 to 199 999)
Display Colour : Red
Display Size : 14.2mm
Display Type : 7 Segments LED
Enviromental Humidity : < 85% non-condensing
Enviromental Operating temperature range : -10 to +50°C
Enviromental Service temperature range : -15 to +60°C
Enviromental Storage temperature range : -40 to +80°C
Front panel rating IP 65 / NEMA 4 / UL Type 4 with supplied o-ring seal
Mounting Panel Mounted
Physical Cut out Size : 48mm x 96mm
Physical Size : 48mm x 96mm x 147mm
Physical Weight : approx. 385g (no options fitted)
Power Supply Optional : 8 - 30Vdc isolated switch mode power supply option (Option 3008), 5VA typical 95V-265Vac/dc switch mode power supply option (Option 3010), 5VA typical
Power Supply Standard : 115 / 230Vac ± 10% (standard), link selectable, 50/60Hz, 5VA typical 8 - 30Vdc non-isolated on request, 5VA typical (Option 3028)
Protection UL94V-0 : Flame retardant ABS plastic housing
Regulatory compliance Complies with EC Directives 89/336/EEC & 73/23/EEC
Supply Standard : 95 to 265Vac/dc


Input 0 - 10V, Input impedance 500O
Input 0 - 200mV, Input impedance 100O
Input 0 - 20V, Input impedance 100kO
Input 0 - 2V, Input impedance 100O
Input 0-20mA, Input impedance 100O, other ranges on request
Input 4 - 20mA, Input impedance 100O
Output options Analog output accuracy : 0.1% of full scale, 12-bits
Output options Analog output isolation : Optional, 1500V input/output isolation (order option 3006)
Output options Analog output temp. coefficient : 20 ppm / °C typically
Output options Current analog output load : 500 W maximum (current is source, not sink)
Output options Voltage analog :output load 1 kW minimum
Prefomance A/D conversion rate : Appoximately 7 per second
Prefomance A/Dtype and resolution
Prefomance Accuracy & linearity : 0.05% of full scale, appro. 1 display count
Prefomance Power-up/Self test time : 1-3 seconds
Prefomance Settling time (frequency input) : 5msec 9no averaging)
Prefomance Settling time (process inputs) : 0.5 seconds
Prefomance temperature coefficient : 20ppm/°C typically
Prefomance Warm up time : None required


Counter/Frequency 0.2Hz - 20000Hz, 5V nominal, 24V maximum. Up to 0.01 Hz resolution. Input factor programmable from 00.01 to 99.99. Frequency damping of 0, 0.5, 1.1 and 4.5 seconds programmable Frequency display is Hz or RPM programmable Counter reset via Enter key (press for 3 seconds) or via external reset (instantaneous). NPN / PNP / NAMUR proximity switch selectable via jumper links.


Link selectable 24 Vdc (17-26V), current limited. For 2-wire transmitters, proximity switches or encoders.
Link selectable 2.5 Vdc precision reference, 2mA maximum for potentiometer (2kW pot minimum).
Link selectable 5Vdc ± 1%. Maximum 25mA.
Option 24 Vdc (17-26V), increased current capacity 100mA with option 3010.

Set Point Options

Adjustable settings Hysteresis, on delay, hi/lo, normally open/closed
Electro-mechanical relay Rating 250Vac, 30Vdc, 2A, power factor 1
Form type Form A (normally open contact)
Form type Form C (change-over contact)
Solid-state relay: Rating 400Vac/dc, 0.5A, power factor 1

Serial Interface Options

Capabilities - Asciibus protocol - continuous output approximately 5 x second
Capabilities - Asciibus protocol - output on demand via print button
Capabilities - Digibus protocol Full remote control, except for field setup  
Isolation to input Optional, 1500V isolation (order option 3006)
Serial interface RS-232 or RS-485, 2400, 4800, 9600 & 19200 baud

This product is available in the following options:

  • DPM3000 - Lineariser (square root / sphere / & more)
  • DPM3003 - 0 - 20mA / 4 - 20 mA analogue output
  • DPM3006 - Isolated outputs (order with 3002/3/13)
  • DPM3009 - Parallel BCD output (cannot be ordered with any alarm options, option 3006 or with option 3022)
  • DPM3012 - Peak / valley hold
  • DPM3014 - Auto zero (with remote zero)
  • DPM3019 - Green Display
  • DPM3020 - Ultra bright Red LED display
  • DPM3026 - Display hold
  • DPM3028 - 10 - 30Vdc non isolated dc supply
  • Setpoint - Alarms - DPM3001P, DPM3001M, DPM3004P, DPM3004M, DPM3017P, DPM3017M, DPM3018P, DPM3018M
  • Outputs - DPM3002, DPM3013
  • Power Supply - DPM3008, DPM3010
  • Displays - DPM3019, DPM3020

For more information, click here.

Download DPM5001T Datasheet