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3.5 digit LCD panel mount
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The Models 3506 and 3505 are low power, liquid crystal display, loop powered 3½ Digit Indicators.

Switch selectable display calibration and decimal point selection allows for easy field setting of engineering units for pressure, flow, level, mass etc.

  • DIN 48 X 96 Enclosure
  • 1999 Counts
  • 12,7 mm LC Display
  • No supply cabling
Input Ranges

4 - 20 mA dc
0 - 20 mA dc (requires min. 0.2 mA for display)


Decimal Point

Link selectable

Zero Adjust

Link selectable for live Zero (4-20mA) or Zero base (0, 2 - 20mA)

Span Adjust

230 - 1999 Counts preselected and trimpot



0.05%typ., 0.2% max.


0.1% of FS

Temperature Coeff.

±30ppm / °C typ.
±80ppm / °C max.

Setting Time

1 second

Operating temperature range

-10 to +50°C

Storage temperature range

-20 to +70°C

Power Supply

Max 2V at 20mA, reverse polarity protected

Input Protection

Duplicated zener diodes, 5.6 V; 400 mW
Sharp knee type

NB: It is highly recommended that the Model 3505 and 3506 are shielded from direct sunlight