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Model 1304 / 2 - 3 Digit ASCII bus/DIG Bus
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The Series 1000 and 2000 are a range of extra large 3 to 5 digit LED array displays, 125 mm digit height, designed to be used in process / temperature / weighing applications where high visibility and distant viewing is required. Using high intensity wide angle LED's in an IP65 enamelled steel housing ensures clear viewing distances of greater than 50 metres. For high ambient temperature conditions, an optional special coated glass window is available.

Typical applications include downtime, time and production control in large factories, the indication of load cell inputs / crane overload protection, process signals such as temperature, pressure, level, and AC or DC voltages and currents.

For electrical specifications, input signal details, as well as the terminal connector assignments in the Extra Large Display, see the individual indicator operating manuals (e.g. Model 4001). Standard DPM indicators are used and internally fitted for the internal signal conversion for the Extra Large Displays. (Models ending in a 2)

  • 999 to 999999 counts, dependant on digits
  • Universally adaptable to all DPM indicators
  • Touch button programmable
  • Analog output option with programmable zero & span
  • Wireless Radio Modem Input