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  • The infrared thermometer optris CS LT

    Introduction of the new infrared thermometer optris CS LT. Non-contact temperature measurement e.g., for industry and R&D.
  • SIKO SGH Position Sensors for Hydraulic and Telescopic Cylinders - Measuring length 0 to 5 m

    SIKO SGH-Series of Wire-Actuated Encoders (String-Pots) for Hydraulic and Telescopic Cylinders:

    The SGH wire-actuated encoders measure the absolute, direct cylinder stroke up to 5 meter in the hydraulic cylinder and guarantees impressive efficiency, flexibility, and robustness.

    Key benefits
    ■■ Absolute measurement of the cylinder position and speed
    ■■ Measuring lengths: SGH10 = 0-1m, SGH25 = 0-2,5 m, SGH50 = 0-5 m
    ■■ Direct, easy and cheap integration into the cylinder
    ■■ No piston drilling necessary
    ■■ Can also be used in telescopic cylinders
    ■■ Protection category IP69K due to the innovative connector system
    ■■ High electro-magnetic compatibility
    ■■ High shock and vibration resistance
    ■■ Teach-in function
    ■■ Available as redundant versions
    ■■ Available as ANALOG, CANopen, SAEJ1939, CANopen Safety and Functional Safety PLd versions
  • New ratio pyrometer optris CTratio

    The new optris CTratio allows for reliable temperature measurements from 250 °C to 3000 °C.
  • The Internet of Things Starts with a Sensor

    What do flooded roads, a beer shortage and an impassable bridge have in common? How does the Internet of Things work? What does KELLER have to do with all of this?

    The fascinating answers to those questions are to be found in the following video.

    Read the success story of the mentioned applications:

    German version of the video: