Increase the efficiency and production quality of your pharmaceutical production machines

Competitive pressure is high in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is no longer sufficient to produce the highest possible quantities of a product within a short time. In addition, there are strict and constantly changing regulations according to which its production processes must be aligned. Products must be manufactured efficiently and reliably. With increasing product diversity and ever smaller batch sizes, the requirements for the flexibility of production plants are increasing. It is a question of the optimal system availability and the reduction of downtimes and setup times for the smallest batch sizes.

Centerlining in pharmaceutical production

In the context of centerlining, the aim in the pharmaceutical sector is always to select the optimum settings and machine configurations during the production process to reduce unwanted deviations of the process and ultimately of the product. The interaction of production, technology and maintenance with electronic data acquisition capabilities aims to increase plant efficiency continuously.

A factor that cannot be underestimated in the improvement of the system availability is the optimization of the changeover times during product changes in format adjustment. There are various options for intelligent format changeover that contribute to the centerlining idea of optimized settings: from a simple purely mechanical solution for individual adjustment points to fully automated positioning systems for the entire system.


We offer intelligent positioning systems for machine manufacturers and end users in the pharmaceutical industry. Our monitored position indicators and fully automated positioning drives make format changes significantly faster, 100% reliable and digitally loggable.

Your advantages:

  • Production cost optimization
  • Traceability
  • Quality optimization of your production
  • Also as retrofit for existing machinery 

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Efficient & safe format adjustment in the pharmaceutical industry

The manufacture of pharmaceutical products requires an extraordinarily high degree of efficiency and safety in the manufacturing process. Due to the required flexibility of the production plants, it is important to be able to implement a quick and error-free changeover of machines. Format adjustment is a crucial component here, and SIKO provides different solutions.

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Cartoning machines


The process of setting up and of filling packaging units must be implemented quickly. Time losses due to long changeover processes have a counterproductive effect here. Incorrect conversion of packaging machines also results in a high scrap rate due to the high cycle rate in this manufacturing process

Position indicators 

Bus-capable monitor manual adjustment and report errors visually and via bus communication. A production that starts with an incorrect format setting is therefore 100% excluded. Status LEDs and directional indicators make it easy for the operator to adjust quickly and accurately.

Compact actuators 

Replace manual adjustment machines and enable format change practically at the touch of a button. A format change cannot be implemented faster and more securely.

Label-Machine In the course of serializing track & trace, the requirements for labeling and inspection have increased immensely. Even with format adjustments, it must be ensured every time the product is changed that the labeling is also correctly aligned for the next repackaging. Otherwise, otherwise the subsequent test device can no longer correctly identify the product with serial number.
Actuators ensure fast and safe height adjustment of the labeling module according to the size of the packaging. Drives are the best solution when format changes or product changes have to be made on machine spindles that are difficult to access.
The horizontal positioning of labeling is carried out safely and efficiently on the machine via electronic position indicators.
The conveyor belt guide is tracked via the monitored format adjustment in accordance with the new packaging format. The position indicators use green and red LEDs to indicate whether a format change has been made correctly and, if not, in which direction it must be adjusted.


Inspection & Transport
Label-Machine Identification of the product by type and serial number is a decisive process within the serialization of the manufacturing process. After each product change, the detection systems must be tracked according to the new additional packaging. In this case, an error would interrupt the serialization tracking and process security would not be provided
The camera is set horizontally and vertically via actuators to detect product labeling. Label-Machine
The linear adjustment of the side guides of the conveyor belts is adapted to the respective packaging formats. Monitoring via the control prevents material jams and scrap in the event of possible incorrect operation. Label-Machine
Carton erector
Label-Machine In the end-of-line packaging process, fast and reliable conversion of the area is indispensable for every product change. Positioning drives and electronic position indicators also enable fast and error-free conversion for the new product here.
The actuator adjusts the width of the new packaging unit practically at the touch of a button Label-Machine
The centering of the magazine is adjusted precisely and reliably via the electronic position display. Label-Machine
The height of the carton magazine is adjusted automatically via an actuator. Poor access to the adjusting unit permits manual adjustment only with considerable effort.. Label-Machine