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Vishay-LC-ASC/DSC Self-Aligning Set

SKU:   LC-ASC/DSC Self-Aligning Set
ASC/DSC Self-Aligning Accessories

The ASC and DSC self-aligning set provides weighing assemblies suitable for truck scale, rail scale and process weighing applications. The self-aligning set is specially designed to be used in weighbridges without stay or check rods. Eccentric washers are used to ensure that the load cell is placed ASC/DSC Self-Aligning Accessories in a vertical position, and perpendicular to its mounting surfaces. Long-term reliability is assured through the use of hardened corrosion resistive steel on all mount parts.


• Capacities: 30–50T

• Hardened components at all bearing surfaces

• Self-aligning construction

• Stainless steel


• Truck and rail scale applications

• Silo and weighbridge applications

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Technical Note VPG-07 - Wind Forces


Technical Note VPG-03 - Legal Metrology


Technical Note VPG-01 - Load Cell Technology


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Technical Note VPG-02 - Load Cell Accuracy in Relation to the Conditions of Use


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