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SKU:   MON-MTN-1185C

General purpose, top-entry velocity transducer with DC output. Made from robust stainless steel throughout for continuous vibration monitoring in harsh environments.

Sealed to IP67 with industry standard two-wire 4-20mA output proportional to sensor range that can connect directly to PLC, DCS and other industrial controllers.

Includes 3-pin 62GB connector or integral stainless steel overbraided ETFE cable and is available with a wide range of mountings.


Output current                              4-20mA DC proportional to rms velocity (mm/s)

Supply voltage                              12-32V DC (4-20mA)

Frequency response                    2Hz to 1kHz ±10%

Mounted base resonance          5kHz (nominal)

Isolation                                        Base isolated

Dynamic range                            50g peak

Transverse sensitivity                Less than 5%

Operating temperature            -25 to 90°C

Temperature sensitivity             0.08%/°C

Case material                              Stainless steel

Cable                                             Integral stainless steel overbraided ETFE

Standard cable length                5m

Maximum cable length              100m

Mounting torque                         8Nm

Weight                                          150g (nominal)

Sealing                                            IP67


Environment:                               Industrial

Frequency Range:                       2Hz – 1kHz

Temperature Range:                 -25°C – 90°C

Output:                                          DC 4-20mA 

Entry Type:                                   Top Entry