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Level Switch-monitor filling levels of liquids cost-effectively

The Kobold level switchs RFS are designed for monitoring filling levels of liquids cost-effectively. The liquid must not contain solids nor metallic particles.
A pivoted stainless steel float with an inserted solenoid moves up and down together with the filling level of the liquid. 
The solenoid switches a reed contact.
Depending on the mounting position of the device, the contact works as N/O or N/C contact with rising filling level. The device are delivered for direct lateral mounting in commercially available sleeves.

Constant level
Type RFS level switches provide a reliable and economical solution for measuring limit levels. The ½“ NPT thread enables the assembly into commercially available socket  threads, so that the robust switches can simply be screwed into the side of tanks or other reservoirs.

With this proven method for reporting fill levels, a pivoted stainless steel float activates a reed contact using a magnet but without contact. Depending on how it is installed, the switch can be used as a Normally Close (N/C) or Normally Open (N/O) contact. When installed as a N/C contact, the contact opens as soon as the float swings downward as the liquid level drops. Rotated 180°, the device functions as a N/O contact, and closes as soon as the rising liquid level lifts the float. A maximum switching voltage of 240 VAC/ 300 VDC makes it very good for switching pumps on and off.

Even working pressures of up to 5 bar and temperatures between – 40° C and + 120° C are no problem for these tried and tested level switches. The devices are available with plug connection or with an aluminium connection casing. Versions are available for explosive or combustible areas that have the appropriate ATEX approvals for dust or gas. 

Contact: 1 reed switch
Connection: ½" NPT
Material: stainless steel 1.4305
pmax: 5 bar
tmax: 120°C /ATEX: 60°C)
Liquid density: from 0.7 g/ml
Option: ATEX