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Multifunctional weighing filed mount transmitter A powerful, compact, field-mount unit that you can use for a variety of weighing functions
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The DPM6004MF use the latest ARM microprocessor technology to offer a powerful, compact, field-mount unit that you can select for a variety of weighing functions at a cost-effective price. The main advantage to the user, servicing organisation or marketing company is having one electronic unit that can be used for almost any application in the weighing industry.

A loadcell transmitter is used to convert loadcell outputs into a standard instrumentation analog signal such as 4-20mA or 0-10volts, it will also supply power to excite one or more loadcells. The 6004MF has many additional features such as displays for mass and programming, digital communications for direct connection to control computers and alarms. Our weighing electronics has always incorporated a precalibrate, zero trim and span trim feature. This is a simple way to set up a strain-gauge loadcell system. All the variables, such as sensitivity and range, are inserted in the precalibrate section so that the system is reasonably accurate before adding test weights. The weighing system is then zero trimmed (backbalanced) to offset the dead weight of weighbin, weighframe or weighbridge deck. With known test weights the system can be span trimmed to get higher accuracy. In some instances, such as very large weightanks where it is not possible to use test weights, precalibration using factory test certificates for loadcell sensitivity results in an acceptable overall system accuracy.

The ARM processor used incorporates a USB port and a real time clock with day/date. We have made full use of these facilities and added an optional, factory fitted, global positioning system (GPS) to cater for such applications as on-board truck weighing, positioning and data logging. In refuse removal some countries are introducing legistration for customers to pay by weight for this service. Farmers are starting to monitor crop production and fertiliser distribution by location to improve farming efficiency. Logging contractors need to load for maximum profit without incurring overweight fines.

The unit is avaliable as the DPM6004MF Mulit function unit - , a DPM6004LC - a load cell fild mount transmitter and the DPM6004BW - a dedicated Belt weigher field mount transmitter.

  • Rugged, powder coated, cast Aluminium housing with splashproof keypad
  • Clear 20mm 6-digit LED main display & auxiliary information LCD display
  • Inputs from loadcell, incremental encoder & six digital
  • Powerful ARM microprocessor with integral clock 
  • Setup via keypad using LCD or PC via USB with supplied software
  • User-programmable function keys, digital inputs and relay outputs 
  • Precalibration of sensitivity and range, zero trim and deadweight span trim
  • Lineariser 15-point, min/max hold, auto-zero maintenance, preset tare
  • PI control with auto-manual setpoints, bumpless transfer, anti-reset windup
  • Bootloader for remote internet firmware updates and program specials
  • Outputs for isolated analog 0/4 - 20mA or 0/1 to 5/10V
  • Power supply switchmode 95 to 265V
  • Datalogging via SD Card
  • 2 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship