Product Details


Full load cell tester / simulator / insulation tester (50 Vdc)

The  CALOG-LC II Calibrator is ideal for testing 4 and 6 wire loadcells, checking insulation breakdown, weighing system calibration and simulation.

It can test a loadcells' zero balance, input resistance, output resistance, bridge balance, 50V DC insulation test from bridge to shield, bridge to housing and shield to housing.

The  CALOG-LOADCELL II Calibrator is a hand-held precision calibrator specifically designed for load cell testing, including insulation breakdown and weighing system calibration or simulation. Simply connect a strain-guage load cell to the spring terminals and press "TEST LOADCELL". The backlit graphics will display four or six wire, zero balance, input or output resistance and bridge balance. It can then carry out a 50 VDC insulation test form bridge to shield, bridge to housing and shield to housing.

For system testing and calibration the  CALOG-LOADCELL II Calibrator can simultaneously measure mV (with mass display), excitation voltage and mA. In source mode, used for load cell amplifier pre-calibration testing, it can source mV (with mass display), measure excitation and measure mA. In simulate mode it sources a mA signal to the control room or SCADA. The display can be in mA, mA and mass or mass and mA.

  • Test and calibrate strain guage loadcells in-situation
  • Check insulation for water ingress
  • Pre-calibrate and simulate weighing systems
  • Measure and source mV, mA and mass or mass and mV
  • Simulate mA, mA and Mass or Mass and mA
  • Dataloggin via SD card
  • 2 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship (batteries not included)


Battery Pack Battery runtime : approx. 6 hours
Battery Pack Charge Time : 5 Hours
Battery Pack Type : Lithium Ion
Charger Car Charger : 12Vdc @ 1A with a cigarette lighter plug
Charger Charging Input : 1- to 15Vdc
Charger Mains Charger : Input : 100 to 240Vac, 05A, 50/60Hz Output : 12Vdc @ 1,5A
Charger The AC charger supplied with the calibrator is only sufficient to charge the LI-Ion batteries. If you want to run the unit from AC, whilst taking measurements, a stronger bench power supply is required (e.g. 12V, 1Amp). This power supply should be of a good quality with a small AC ripple.
Environmental Humidity : 0 to 85% (non-condensing)
Environmental Operating Temperature : 0°C to 50°C
Environmental Storage Temperature : -40°C to 60°C (including battery)
Physical Size : 149 x 34 x 77mm without rubber boot, 155 x 43 x 85 with rubber boot
Physical Weight : approx 340g
Protection IP65 : Dust and Splash proof
Protection UL94V-0 : Flame retardant ABS plastic


Bridge Balance -5 to 10.000 mV/V, impedance >1 MΩ, error limit 0.02 mV/V,
Current 0 to 24.000 mA, impedance ±17Ω, error limit 0.02% FS,
Insulation (50 V) 0 to 1000 MΩ, error limit 5% FS, resolution 1 MΩ
LC Display -5 to 35.000mV, impedance <300Ω, error limit 0.01% FS,
Millivolts -4.5 to 35.000 mVdc, impedance >1 MΩ, error limit 0.01% FS,
Resistance 0 to 2000Ω, error limits >0.03% FS, Resolution 0.1Ω
Voltage 0 to 20.000 Vdc, impedance >110 kΩ, error limit 0.01% FS,


Milliamps 0 to 24.000 mA, impedance maximum 600Ω, error limit 0.01% FS,
Millivolts -5 to 50.000 mVdc, impedance minimum 500Ω, error limit 0.01% FS,