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Autonomous Capacitive Data Collector
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The DCX-38 VG is an autonomous instrument for recording water level with a high resolution and full scale ranges as low as 0,5 mWC / 50 mbar. It features a rugged, gold-plated ceramic diaphragm for outstanding long-term stability and stainless steel housing with user serviceable battery for long service life.

Configuration / Data Retrieval:
For data readout, the serial interface is accessed via the data port located on one end of the cable, enabling on site data retrieval. Using either the K-104A or K-103A converter cable, the DCX-38 VG connects easily to a laptop or PC via USB or serial port. Used in conjunction with Logger 4.X software, the DCX-38 VG is configured and data retrieved either in the lab or the field

  •  Recording of the pressure and temperature
  •  Simple and well structured configuration- and read-out software (Logger 4.x) for PC or PDA
  •  Combination of event-controlled recording and interval recording prevents unnecessary data being recorded (i.e. only measuring the pressure changes)
  •  Installation data (and comments) of the measuring station can be stored in the device
Pressure Ranges 0…0,5 to 0…3mH2O
Total Error Band ±0,2 %FS @ -10…40 °C
Reading capacity 57'000 measuring points
Dimensions ø 38 mm
Special characteristics Capacitive sensor

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