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  • Siko Changeover Solutions for Labelling Machines Packaging Machines

    Application Video: Labelling Machine

    SIKO Changeover Solutions optimise production machines with hand controlled position indicators, fully automated spindle drives and HMI control units.

    Electronic-digital position indicators provide flexible, electronic capture of measured values and semi-automatic adjustment control at spindels.

    Benefits: „
    - Display value, sense of rotation and decimal place are freely programmable „
    - Reset, incremental measurement, offset via keyboard „
    - Compatible with mechanical SIKO counters „
    - Bus-compatible for monitored format changes
    SIKO actuators / spindle drives are particularly well suited for automatic format adjustment, stop positioning, tool alignment and valve adjustment as well as many other comparable positioning tasks.

    Benefits: „
    - Flexible machine concept, simple control behaviour „
    - Low installation and mounting effort „
    - Highly available and maintenance-free „
    - Short cycle or retrofitting time „
    - High productivity and quality