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  • KELLER LoRa Level Sensor in the Grensmaas

    The Grensmaas project gives more space to the Maas to limit tidal waves, and thus floods, after severe rainfall. The Grensmaas is the unnavigable part of the Meuse, about 47 kilometres long and since 1839 the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. In summer, the river is sometimes fordable, but during heavy rainfall it can swell to an enormous mass of water that caused floods in the past. A capricious rain river.
    The transportation and production of the byproduct from the excavation, a mixture of the sand and gravel, is hugely dependent on the water level in the Meuse. As the water level fluctuates greatly, which affects the operation of the locks, accurate water level and temperature monitor was required. Mounting a Keller 26X level sensor onto a mooring post with it's ability to communicate all this information to the operations offices with the cloud via a LoRa network.
    The KELLER ADT1 LoRa telemetry modem and Series 26X digital level sensor ensure the continuity of this project.