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Vishay-LC-CSP-M Mount

SKU:   LC-CSP-M Mount
CSP-M Self-Aligning Accessories

The CSP-M self-aligning mounts, combined with the CSP-M load cell family, provides weighing assemblies suitable for process control, silo, and weighbridge applications

The CSP-M weighbridge mount is designed to be used in truck scale and rail scale applications. The mount ensures excellent signal stability and optimum performance. It can be used without stay or check rods.

The self-aligning silo mount provides excellent load introduction to the transducer while maintaining an overall low profile. Hardened components are used at all load bearing surfaces


• Capacities: 10–60T

• Hardened components at all bearing surfaces

• Self-aligning construction

• Built-in horizontal movement control and lift-off protection

• Load cell (re)placement after installation of the mount

• Optional

❍ Stainless steel or nickel-plated steel versions available

❍ Versions with stay rod assemblies available

❍ Suitable also for SCC load cells


• Process control

• Silo and weighbridge applications

MOUNT 10/25T 40/60T Weighbridge mount Assembly + CSP-M 216 mm 260 mm Assembly guidelines AG 09/06-101/02 Outline drawing—stainless steel* 899953-41 899953-40 Outline drawing—nickel-plated – – Silo mount Assembly + CSP-M 188 273 Assembly guidelines AG 12/06-102/02 Outline drawing—stainless steel* 499050-10 499051-10 Outline drawing—nickel-plated 499050-00 499051-00 Silo mount with stay rod Assembly + CSP-M 190 mm 274 mm Outline drawing—stainless steel* 499059-10 499060-10 Outline drawing—nickel-plated 499059-00 499060-00

* Load bearings are made of hardened steel, material DIN number: 1.2083

Self-Aligning Weighbridge Mount The CSP-M SA weighbridge mount allows a safe horizontal movement of 8 mm, while ultimate movement of up to 16 mm is accepted. Special care has been given to load safety margins and ease of installation. Combined with the CSP-M load cell family, the assembly provides excellent signal stability and measurement performance under off-center loading conditions. The mount is made of corrosion resistive steel (DIN 1.2083) to guarantee long-term reliability.

Self-Aligning Silo Mount The CSP-M self-aligning silo mount is suitable for batch weighing, process control, and silo/hopper applications. The mount tolerates controlled movement in all directions. The top plate is held captive eliminating, in most cases, the need for additional stay or check rods. Where major load movement is anticipated, a version with a built-in stay rod is available. The silo mount allows the load cell to be fitted or removed after installation of the mount. All load bearing surfaces are made of hardened corrosion resistive steel (DIN 1.2083).

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