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Vishay-LC-9102 Mount

SKU:   LC-9102 Mount
9102 Self-Aligning Mounts

The 9102 self-aligning silo mount, combined with the 9102 load cell family, provides high accuracy weighing assemblies suitable for process control, batch weighing, silo/hopper, and belt scale applications. 9102 Self-Aligning Mounts The 9102 foot assembly is an ideal solution for medium capacity belt, pallet, and platform scales. The 9102 mount and foot are based on a rocker pin design, combining excellent load introduction to the transducer with an overall low profile. Hardened components are used at all load bearing surfaces. The stainless steel construction guarantees long-term reliability, even in the harshest environments.


• Capacities: 50–2500 lbs

• Hardened components at all bearing surfaces

• Rocker pin load introduction

• Built-in horizontal movement control and lift-off protection

• Load cell (re)placement after installation of the mount

• Optional

❍ Stainless steel or nickel-plated steel versions available

❍ Stay rod assembly


• Process control

• Batch weighing

• Silo/hopper weighing

• Belt scale weighing

MOUNT/FOOT 50/200 lbs 500–1000 lbs 2500 lbs Self-aligning mount Height, LC + assembly (mm) 77 90 90 Outline drawing—stainless steel 499049-10 499052-10 499053-10 Outline drawing—nickel-plated 499049-00 499052-00 499053-00 Assembly guidelines AG 10/06-106/02 AG 10/06-107/02 Height adjustable foot Height, LC + assembly (mm) 64+5 74+5 74+5 Outline drawing—stainless steel 499071 499072 499073 Stay rod assembly Outline drawing—stainless steel 499061-10 499068-10 499068-10 Outline drawing—nickel-plated 499061-00 499068-00 499068-00 Assembly guidelines AG 09/06-202/02 AG 10/06-200/02

Self-Aligning Mount The 9102 mount permits controlled horizontal movement in all directions. The design allows the load cell to be (re)placed after installation of the mount. The critical load introduction area is mechanically protected

Height Adjustable Foot The stainless steel foot, which has 5 mm of height adjustment, provides excellent load introduction to the load cell. The foot allows flexibility in platform design without compromising overall system performance.

Stay Rod Assembly If major load movement is anticipated, stay rods should be used to restrain a platform or vessel. The 9102 stay rod assembly can be bolted to the mount prior to, or after its installation

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