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Universal Load Cell

The BSP is a stainless steel S-type load cell that can be used in either tension or compression. This product is suitable for a wide range of hybrid scales, overhead track scales, belt scales, and process weighing applications. The fully welded construction and water block cable entry ensure that this product can be used successfully in the harsh environments found in the food, chemical, and allied process industries. This product fully meets the stringent Weights and Measures requirements throughout Europe.


• Capacities: 50–5000 kg, 100–10k lbs

• Fully welded, stainless steel construction

• Hermetically sealed, IP66 and IP68

• Certified to OIML R-60, 3000d

• Integrated overload stop (50–500 kg)

• Current calibration output (SC version) ensures easy and accurate parallel connection of multiple load cells

• Optional

❍ ATEX and FM certified versions are available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres


• Hybrid scales

• Process weighing

• Belt checkweighers

• Dynamometers

• Material testing machines

PARAMETER VALUE UNIT Standard capacities (Emax) 50, 125, 250, 500, 1250, 2500, 5000 kg Standard capacities (Emax) 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 lbs Accuracy class according to OIML R-60 /NTEP NTEP IIIL Non-Approved C3 Maximum number of verfication intervals 10000 3000 Minimum verification interval = Vmin/Emax/Y) Emax/10000 Rated output (=S) 3 (2 for 2500 and 5000 kg) mV/V Rated output tolerance 0.03 (0.02 for 2500 and 5000 kg) ± mV/V Zero balance 1.0 ±% FSO Combined error 0.0200 0.0500 0.0200 ±% FSO Non-repeatability 0.0100 0.0200 0.0100 ±% FSO Minimum dead load output return 0.0500 0.0167 ±% FSO Creep error (30 minutes) 0.0600 0.0245 ±% FSO Creep error (20–30 minutes) 0.0300 0.0200 ±% FSO Temp. effect on minimum dead load output (0.0008) 0.0250 0.0070 ±% FSO/5°C (/°F) Temperature effect on sensitivity (0.0010) 0.0250 0.0050 ±% FSO/5°C (/°F) Minimum dead load 0 % Emax Maximum safe overload 150 % Emax Ultimate overload 300 % Emax Maximum safe side load 100 % Emax Deflection at Emax 0.28 max. mm Excitation voltage 5 to 15 V Maximum excitation voltage 18 V Input resistance 350±3.5 Ω Output resistance 350±3.5 Ω Insulation resistance ≥5000 MΩ Compensated temperature range –10 to +40 °C Operating temperature range –40 to +80 °C Storage temperature range –40 to +90 °C Element material (DIN) Stainless steel 1.4542 Sealing (DIN 40.050 / EN60.529) IP66 and IP68 SC-Version (current calibration) Standard

FSO—Full Scale Output

SC-version: The rated output and the output resistance are balanced in such a way that the output current is calibrated to within 0.05% of a reference value. This allows easy parallel connection of the load cells.

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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