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Portabler Metallblock-Temperaturkalibrator

The portable metal-block temperature LR Cal  PULSAR-35Cu serves as a temperature reference source and in one unit, for the testing and calibration of temperature measuring instruments of all kinds.

  • Temperature range +20 ... + 600 ° C
  • ramp function
  • Thermostattests
  • Computer aided calibration via RS232 interface
  • Various block inserts with various holes for samples available
  • Retrofitting "black body" for the calibration of contactless measuring infrared thermometers possible
temperature range 20 ° C ... + 600 ° C
temperature display Accuracy ± 0.3 ° C 
Resolution 0.01 ° / 0.1 ° (° C or ° F)
Stability of regulated temperature ± 0.05 ° C (450 ° C)
heating max. 20°C pro Minute
Cooling max. 25°C pro Minute
Temperaturgleichförmigkeit  at 450 ° C: 
radial ± 0.15 ° C (at 135 mm immersion depth) 
axially ± 0.35 ° C (at 125 mm immersion depth)
block depth 190 mm (available: 185 mm)
Block diameter 50 mm 
for insertion tubes with 35 mm diameter
power supply 230 VAC (optional 115 VAC)
input 800 VA
interface RS232
housing material metal
weight that. 10 kg
dimension 160 x 340 x 330 mm

Delivery and accessories for metal-block temperature 

Standard scope of delivery:

  • Portabler Metallblock-Temperaturkalibrator LR-Cal  PULSAR-35Cu bzw. PULSAR-35Cu-2I
  • spare fuses
  • Cable for power supply
  • Connection cables for thermostat tests
  • 1 insert with 5 drillings
    (3.5 - 4.5 - 6.5 - 8.5 - 12.5 mm diameter)
  • Removal tool for changing insert sleeves
  • instruction manual
  • Calibration Certificate (Performance and Accuracy)
  • Only when executed LR Cal  PULSAR-35Cu-2I : 
    Electrical connection cables (red / black), screw terminals (red / black) for the two measurement inputs

Optional accessories:

Item number description image
INSERT-PULSAR-01 Insert with Black Body for the calibration of Infrared Thermometer, high emission grade
inner diameter 26 mm, depth 70 mm

Black Body Black Body used for retrofitting LR-Cal temperature calibrators incl. Reference sensor Pt 100

INSERT-PULSAR-02 Insert with Black Body for the calibration of Infrared Thermometer, high emission grade
inner diameter 26 mm, depth 140 mm
BB-SENSOR-01 External reference probe for black body insert, Pt 100, 3 mm, Class A
REF-T-SENSOR-PT External precision reference sensor Pt 100 
-100 ... + 670 ° C, TC: 0.003850 1 / K; Stability <40 mK, 
diameter 6.35 mm, length 450 mm; Thermowell Inconel 
connection in 4-wire circuit; incl. 2 m PTFE cable, insulated and tin-plated 
with case
DKD-T-KAL-PT DKD calibration certificate to 
RTAB-T-KAL-PT Constant calculation purpose
RTAB2-T-KAL-PT alternatively constant calculation incl. table of values ​​(in degree increments)
PULSAR-35CU-INS-0 Blank insert without drilling
PULSAR-35CU-INS-5 Spare insert with 5 drillings 3.5/4.5/6.5/8.5/12.5 mm diam.
INS-PULSAR-02 Insert with 1-2 customer specific drillings 3.5...20 mm
INS-PULSAR-03 Insert with 3 customer specific drillings 3.5...20 mm
INS-PULSAR-04 Insert with 4 customer specific drillings 3.5...20 mm
INS-PULSAR-05 Insert with 5 customer specific drillings 3.5...20 mm
INS-PULSAR-06 Insert with 6 customer specific drillings 3.5...20 mm
INS-PULSAR-09 Insert with 7-9 customer specific drillings 3.5...7 mm

Carrying case with shoulder strap

Carrying case for portable LR-Cal metal block temperature calibrators
TEMPKAL SUITCASE Aluminum case Aluminium case for portable LR-Cal metal block temperature calibrators
599.0.000.0003.0 PC-Software LR-Cal AQ2sp
incl. RS232-interface leadTemperatur sensor calibration:Automatic calibration routine for all type of temperature sensors with advanced features such reference sensor stabilization, time-calibration data are automatically populated and stored for printing report. This procedure can also be ran in manual mode to allow the operator to manually enter the data. This is particular useful when calibrating temperature device such as digital thermometer or analogue thermometers.Stress test:Simply set MAX and MIN value and the software will run an automatic stress test on single sensor or a batch.Advance thermostat calibration:Simply set the open and close temperature limits, type of thermostat, typ of test and the software will automatically run the test.

LR-Cal AQ2sp PC-Software für LR-Cal Temperaturkalibriergeräte

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Datasheet and Manual can be downloaded as PDF files. To open PDF files, you need the ADOBE READER. You can get this software free of charge from ADOBE.