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Vishay-LC- ASC2/DSC2 Self-Aligning Mount

SKU:   LC- ASC2/DSC2 Self-Aligning Mount
ASC2/DSC2 Self-Aligning Mount

The ASC2/DSC2 self-aligning set provides a simple but effective weighing assembly suitable for truck scales, rail scales, and process weighing applications. It is specially designed to be used in weighbridges without stay or check rods. Eccentric washers can be supplied to ensure that the load cell is placed in a vertical position, perpendicular to its mounting surfaces. Long-term stability is assured through the use of hardened corrosion resistant stainless steel throughout.


• Capacities: 20 to 50T

• Anti-rotation design

• Self-aligning construction

• Hardened stainless steel

• Allows ±5° alignment


• Weighbridges

• Process weighing

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Model ASC2/DSC2 Self-Aligning Mount - Rocker pin mount for ASC2 & DSC2

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