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Wireless data temperature/humidity sensor

Manufactured by BeanAir, French wireless sensor networks company, the BeanDevice TH is a wireless temperature/humidity sensor for application in medical laboratories, technical building management, process monitoring, meteorology and the transport industry.

The BeanDevice TH integrates an embedded data logger, which can be used to log data when a wireless sensor network cannot be easily deployed on site. All data acquisition is stored on an embedded flash and then transmitted to the BeanGateway® when a wireless sensor network is established.


An example of BeanDevice® TH application in technical building management is as follows:

  1. The device is wall-mounted as a stand-alone unit without needing to connect to the BeanGateway®.
  2. Once connected, each temperature/humidity measurement is recorded on the embedded flash.
  3. When needed a technician working on the site can send a request for a log transmission and log sending commences. If all the logs are successfully transmitted to the Bean-Gateway®, the flash memory is erased and new logs will be recorded.

Remote configuration and monitoring is possible in 3 modes (low duty cycle data acquisition mode, alarm mode and survey mode). The data logger feature is compatible with all these data acquisition modes.

The temperature sensor (PT1000) and Humidity sensor (capacitive technology) has a measurement range of between -25°C to +85°C and a humidity range of between 0…100%RH.  It boasts ultra-low power consumption technology (< 13uA in idle mode) and has a maximum radio range of 1km (LOS).  It can record up to 1,000,000 data acquisition records (with events dating) and features ‘Plug-and-Play’ installation, obviating the set-up calibration on the temperature/humidity sensor. The temperature probe is watertight ensuring installation flexibility and measurement stability. 

BeanAir is represented locally by Instrotech, manufacturer and distributor of process control instrumentation and specialized systems. For more information on the BeanDevice® TH, contact Instrotech on 011 462 1920,  or visit

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