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Ultra-compact magnetic sensor for machine construction

SIKO presents the latest stage of development in ultra-compact magnetic sensors for industry as well as machine and plant construction. Common applications for SIKO’s latest compact sensors include linear actuators, stop adjustment for saws, and even measurement of the tracking of solar plants.


Path, angle and rotational speed measurement tasks
The sensor measures paths, angles or rotational speeds – contactless and wear-free – in conjunction with the associated magnetic tapes or magnetic rings. The sensor reads the magnetic code of the magnetic tape or magnetic ring incrementally. This information is converted into digital square-wave signals and sent to the downstream electronics.
Clever solutions
The SIKO magnetic sensor MSC500 constitutes a significant development over previous MagLine magnetic sensors in terms of their performance and integrated technology. The sensor includes a clever, multicoloured status LED that aids in both commissioning and standard operation. The correct distance between the magnetic band or magnetic ring is can be monitored visually. If the reading distance between sensor and magnetic tape / magnetic ring is excessive, it will be indicated by the blue LED. A green LED indicates an intact power supply, while a yellow LED indicates that the encoded path information is being read correctly from the magnetic tape or the magnetic ring.
Pluggable and ultra-compact
Another new feature is the plug connection right on the sensor. The combination of a pluggable version and the status LED along with its unique compact design allows installation even where space is limited. This enables quick and accurate installation of the system and saves installation costs. The new robust and resistant plastic housing can be a drop in replacement for existing designs of MagLine magnetic sensors.
Flexibility in cable lengths and evaluation signals
The sensor provides digital square-wave signals with resolutions ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.001 mm, depending on sensor type. The optional cable extension KV1C in different cable lengths from one to 20 meters allows customers to decide which signals are actually used. The cable extension is available in 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8-wire versions. This enables controls schemes from a simple A+B signal up to the evaluation of inverted signals and the periodic index signal the same sensor. All these signals are already integrated in the standard version. The sensor can even optionally be equipped with fixed or flexible reference point detection.
Individually programmable
Using the programming tool PT5500, parameters such as resolution and pulse interval can be changed and the desired application customized. This reduces the number of versions, saves warehouse logistics costs and will shorten delivery times.

Features of MSC500:

·        Max. resolution 1 μm

·        Max. 200000 pulses/revolution in combination with MR500 or MBR500 (160 poles)

·        Repeat accuracy ±0.005 mm

·        Status LED with integrated distance monitoring

·        Works with magnetic tape MB500/1, MR500, MBR500

·        Reading distance ≤2 mm

·        Sensor connection can be plugged with KV1C cable extension

·        Output circuit PP, TTL, LD (depending on the operating voltage

SIKO has over 50 year’s experience in distance and angle measuring technology and solutions with worldwide representation.

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