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Kobold’s flowmeter model DOT, perfectly suited to measure the flow of low viscous liquids.

Thanks to tried and tested turbine wheel technology and robust stainless steel housing, the device can operate at pressure levels up to 250 bar and temperatures of up to 120 °C. It can address the requirements for monitoring or dosing even of difficult media such as distilled water, acids, bases, alcohol, additives as well as several chemical or pharmaceutical compounds.

A number of individual measuring ranges between a minimum 0.11 m³/h and a maximum of 550 m³/h can be realized. Versions with an even larger diameter and higher measuring ranges are available.

The velocity of the turbine wheel is evaluated (contactless) by the use of a pick-off coil with a magnetic core. Model DOT provides precise results. Independent of medium conductivity, the linearity of ± 0.2 % to ± 0.5 % of reading, and repeatability of ± 0.02 % to ± 0.05 % can be achieved under steady flow conditions.

Model DOT is available as a threaded or flanged version covering diameters of 15 to 150 mm.

DOT’s significant characteristics:

  •  Measuring range: 0.11 - 1.1 m3/h ... 270 - 2 700 m3/h water (higher on request
  • Viscosity range: low viscous
  • Linearity: ±0.5 % of reading
  • Pressure max: 250 bar; Temp max: 120 °C
  • Connection: G ½ ... G 2 male, ½" NPT ... 2" NPT male, DIN flanges DN 15 ... DN 300 (larger on request), ANSI flanges ½"... 12" (larger on request)
  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel Output: pulse output, LC display, 4... 20 mA, batching, totalising



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