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Temperature measurement for the Medical Sector

Non-contact temperature measurement is put to very good use in the medical industry, for example in temperature-sensitive treatments as well as in production and development processes.

Optris’ infrared thermometers, thermal imagers, and particularly the Optris Csmed pyrometer, are specifically suited to the demands of medical technology.  The Optris Csmed pyrometer is widely used by manufacturers of medical equipment and also by specialist doctors in this field. These devices are deployed in the production of glass syringes, the sterilization of glass bottles, in cold shock therapies, and in the temperature monitoring of laboratories.  Instrotech offers the Optris task-appropriate devices for reliable temperature measurement specifically for the medical industry.  Some applications:

  • Production of Glass Syringes During the production of glass syringes, the needle is glued to the glass tube. This process takes place at a temperature of +125°C. Punctual measuring pyrometer (Optris CTfast LT) is used to monitor and control the process and assure the quality of the syringes. 
  • Thermoforming of Gum Shield Inlays The first production step to produce gum shield inlays is the heating of the plastic foil up to a certain temperature with an infrared emitter. Pyrometer (Optris IR CS LT) monitors the temperature and controls the heating phase to ensure an ideal forming temperature.
  • Sterilization of Glass Bottles   Sterilization of a defined temperature level is important to produce aseptic glass bottles for pharmaceutical products. The right temperature is secured and monitored by a punctual measuring pyrometer (IR thermometer Optris CT G5).
  •  Cold Shock Therapy The cold shock therapy for sports injuries, swellings or muscle stiffness. To avoid harm to the patient caused by undercooled skin, an accurate temperature control (IR thermometer Optris CS LT) is essential. 

Optris develops and manufactures innovative infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, including infrared camerasstationary industrial IR thermometers and handheld thermometers for area and point measurement. Products include IR devices for different industrial applications and R&D. The devices allow constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process.

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