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SIKO’s new optical distance sensors

SIKO’s new range of optical distance sensors; the LT5000; LA60 and LA170, whose technical specifications, like linearity and resolution, are comparable with those of wire-actuated transducers. Which is why SIKO has decided to integrate these new sensors into their exiating LinearLine product range.

As technology and handling of the optical distance sensors are different from the wire-actuated transducers, SIKO forsees the possibilities of using the new sensors for applications where the wire-actuated transducer can only be used with difficulty or possibly not at all.  Although the measuring principle is optical and the casing made of plastic, the standard values in regards to environmental conditions are more than acceptable with a IP67 protection class and a operating temperature of -20°C to +60°C.

Applications for SIKO’s Optical Distance Sensors are:

·        measuring distances for which SIKO’s SG5 with 600mm wire is too large;

·        position measuring – eg. for storage/warehouse applications - where wire-

      actuated transducers cannot be used due to mechanical wear resulting from

      continuous operation, and         

·        for applications where wire-actuated transducers, so far, are only used as a

    compromis solution, as wire is too difficult to guide.

SIKO’S LT5000, for large distances is a laser-based measuring system with transit time technique. This means that a position value can be captured on almost any reflective surface, up to a maximum distance of up to 5000mm.

SIKO’s LT5000 is compact in size for measuring distances of up to 5.000 mm, easy to commission and handle and can claim IP67 / IP69K protection class.  The LT5000 works in a standard temperature range of between -40°C and +60°C and has a output of 4..20 mA or 0 – 10 VDC.  In addition, there is a freely programmable switched output and a highly-visible laser light spot (laser class 1) for precise alignment and eye protection.

SIKO’s LA60 and LA170 for the near zone, feature an optical measuring system with LED, based on the triangulation measuring principle, which means that within a range of  20...80mm – for the LA60 and 30…200mm for the LA170, the reflected beam of light (depending on the angle of irradiation) gives the corresponding position value.

The LA60 and LA170 have all of the same features of the LT5000 and have a voltage output of 1 – 10 VDC, plus an additional two adjustable switching points.

Accessories and various options of mounting angles and cable connections are available.

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