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Need to fill a tank and still measure the level accurately?

Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Transmitters perform Distance and Level Measurements with “non-contact” technology, requiring a minimum working distance to the liquid. Elevating the sensor has been one solution, but now there is a better way...

When used with the new Senix 90 Degree Adaptor, users can achieve a minimal working distance without raising the sensor for a more compact installation. The ultrasonic dead band is essentially inside the adaptor so filling a container won't interfere with the measurement, and the sensor's maximum range is unaffected. This stainless steel adapter is now available for all 1" NPT threaded ToughSonic 3, ToughSonic 12, and ToughSonic 14 sensors. 

Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic sensors perform distance and level measurements that measure the liquid or other surface from above. They're tough and used in some of the harshest factory environments anywhere. Senix makes them smart too. They come with Senix's new Reference Target Temperature Compensation technology to eliminate drifting from diurnal effects such as rapid temperature shifts. They are widely used in closed tanks and stilling tubes, in open-air monitoring for irrigation, stream monitoring, flood and tsunami warnings, and sea-level monitoring, as well as installed in heavy construction and farm equipment. ToughSonic Ultrasonic sensors are exceptional for accurate object detection in a variety of applications.  

Easily connected to users' equipment, Senix sensors have built-in switches that can control relays, light alarms, motors, and more.

Steady, repeatable, accurate, easy to use, and extremely rugged; thousands are installed throughout the world. Senix makes them specifically for where a tank level requires a rugged, compact ultrasonic installation, there is an equally rugged adaptor available.

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