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Monitran's new compact hand-held vibration meter

Monitran’s MTN/VM220, a compact, handheld meter for measuring vibration levels. It is a rechargeable, portable instrument designed to operate with a constant current accelerometer to provide accurate vibration measurements. Conforming to ISO10816-3, the MTN/VM220 is engineered to detecting the early signs of component wear or failure in pumps, motors, gearboxes and other mechanical assemblies.

Measuring only 130 x 78 x 28mm, the MTN/VM220 has an easy-grip, rubberised case and a long-life rechargeable battery and had the ability to store up to 100 time-stamped readings, including; RMS, peak, peak-peak, crest factor and bearing conditions, all on an easy-to-read, colour LCD display.

The unit is shipped in a foam-lined, durable carry case and includes the MTN/2200, a general purpose sensor probe with a default sensitivity of 100mV/g, as well as a magnetic base and spike (for use with the probe), a coiled cable with a 4-pin Lumberg connector at each end, and a universal battery charger.

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