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Heavy-duty magnetic flow meter for mining and wastewater treatment

ELIS has on offer a special type of magnetic flow meter, the ELIS FLONET FS10, with an induction sensor for the precise flow measurement of conductive liquids.  The ELIS FLONET FS10 has a special wear-resistant lining made from natural stone and is fitted with FISHER-ROSEMONT evaluating electronics.

The ELIS FS10 flow meter is intended for professional flow-rate measurement of electrically conductive fluids, which may include abrasive particles.  The ELIS FLONET FS10 has been specifically designed to work in the most stringent of environments - in wastewater treatment plants, industrial plants, as well as dusty, humid or corrosive atmospheres, such as the mining industry for hard-material dredging, the measuring of ash, various types of ore and very dense liquids, with more than 50% solids.

The ELIS FLONET FS10’s specifications:

  • Suitable for pipes: DN100 to DN450 (4” to 18”)
  • Pressure ranges: 10 & 16 bar
  • Design of sensor: wafer or flanged
  • Lining: wear-resistant material
  • Liquid temperature scale: 0-150°C
  • High accuracy: +0,5% in range to 5 to 100%q 3
  • Communication interface: HART protocol

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