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Flexible relative humidity instruments for industrial users

Michell Instruments has released its latest range of relative humidity transmitters for industrial applications. As well as being flexible, for use in a wide range of processes, the HygroSmart 280/290 series includes an interchangeable sensor that allows for routine maintenance to be made in just 30 seconds for most models.

At the heart of each instrument is the new HygroSmart I7000XP. This sensor is fully replaceable, and, because all the calibration data is incorporated, makes routine maintenance and recalibration as easy as changing a light bulb. The I7000XP uses Michell’s latest polymer capacitive sensing technology, the H8000 tile to provide reliable accuracy of 1% RH.

The HygroSmart 280/290 series features a number of configurations designed to suit different applications. This includes duct- and wall-mounted as well as remote sensor versions, each with optional displays for easy interrogation and configuration. New software also allows for easy access to all configuration settings and data collection from a control room. The units are configurable to suit specific needs including outputs, units and alarms. Michell Instruments is a provider of field measurement solutions of humidity and temperature

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