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Eye Contact with the Process

In the world of Instrumentation, an enormous amount of data can be produced by each measuring point, which must be logically and clearly displayed and processed. Kobold, represented locally by Instrotech, has the ZLS electronic multi-channel data logger, specifically designed to rapidly capture process signals and display them.

Up to eight norm analogue or temperature-resistance signals can be applied simultaneously and recorded. An additional digital input is provided to control the recording process. The 2MB or 8MB of memory allows reliable recording of up to 500 000 and 2million records respectively.

The high resolution (12 bits) allows the internal A/D converter to record incoming signals accurately and display them in four different customised display modes. Particularly convenient for the end user, is the ability to simply program and name the inputs with short text descriptions and units as required for specific applications. Thus, each process value in the system can be precisely assigned and designated individually.

The menu is easy to understand, with graphical user interface and full text description. Software is available for setting several parameters or device series, as well as a customary PC along with USB interface, a RS-485 interface, software and Modbus RTU communication protocol.  Also on offer is an optional front panel USB port, through which stored data can be read off a USB stick.



  • Graphic LC-Display, backlit
  • Input: 4…20mA, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
  • 8 channel input
  • 2 switching outputs
  • 4 presentation modes
  • Interface Rs485m Modbus RTU
  • Sensor power supply
  • Free scaling

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