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Digital pressure and temperature data logger with record function

The LEO Record data logger from Instrotech, is an autonomous battery powered instrument with digital display designed to record pressure and temperature over long periods. LEO Record (piezoresistive) as well as LEO Record Capo (capacitive) are ideal for low pressure ranges and offer high measuring accuracy, resolution and robustness as well as high data security (due to the use of a non-volatile memory).  While recording the pressure and temperature, they display the actual pressure and record the status. The pressure is measured and displayed once per second (shortest interval).

Other advantages are:

·          Simple and well structured configuration- and read-out software (Logger 4.x) for PC or PDA

·          Combination of event-controlled recording and interval recording prevents unnecessary data being recorded (i.e. only measuring the pressure changes)

·          Installation data (and comments) of the measuring station can be stored in the instrument

·        Pressure connection with G1/4” thread (other threads on demand)

The instruments have three key functions:

1.     The ZERO-function allows to set any value as a new Zero reference.

2.     UNITS. All standard instruments are calibrated in bar. The pressure can be indicated in the following units: bar, mbar/hPa, kPa, MPa, PSI, kp/cm2, (m)H2O.

3.     RECORD. The record can be started or ended with the operating keys.The configuration of the record takes place via interface/software.

The Logger 4.X software, for configuration and readout of the dataloggers (DCX, LEO Record and Leo Record Capo) is shipped with the interface cable or can be downloaded from the internet.



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