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Hot compact IR camera for molten metals

Optris PI 05M compact IR thermal imaging camera.

The Smart way of IR measuring

CS Micro with IRmobile Andriod App

Quality control of solar cell modules

Infrared cameras are essential instruments for the quality control of solar cells. One possibility of testing is the periodical modulated exposition of the solar cells to light (Illuminated Lock-In Thermography). The separation of charge within the solar cell leads to leakage current at defective parts and thus to local hot spots. The hot spots can be detected by the infrared camera.

Need for speed?

New High-Speed Pyrometer CT 4M From Optris

Instrotech's space-saving, DIN-rail mount, programmable transmitter

Instrotech's versatile DPM9000 series

Compact spot finder temperature measurement device

New compact imager with auto hotspot finder, ethernet and auto-operation

New compact infrared camera Optris Xi 410

Temperature measurement on ultra-thin glass

Touch displays, such as for smartphones and tablets, use ultra-thin glass, which brings special challenges for temperature measurement technology in their manufacturing

Temperature measurement for the Medical Sector

Non-contact temperature measurement is put to very good use in the medical industry, for example in temperature-sensitive treatments as well as in production and development processes.

Compact infrared thermometers ideal for spot measurement or thermal imagesCompact infrared thermometers ideal for spot measurement or thermal images

Optris has launched CTratio, offering many improved parameters and new features such as the low bottom temperature of 275 °C, a maximum ambient temperature of up to 315 °C without cooling, and a green sighting laser.