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Always float on top

Kobold’s M-series level switch comprising a float that slides up and down with the liquid, along a guide tube.

Thus, up to 4 reed contacts moulded in the guide tube are switched in a non-contacting fashion by a ring magnet encapsulated in the float. The hermetically sealed contacts are available as ‘normally close’, ‘normally open’ or ‘changeover’ contacts.  In this way, many simple tasks such as automatic signaling of empty/ full tanks and automatic tank filling can be performed by a control relay.

Brass, stainless steel, PP, PVC, NBR, and PVDF are available as a choice of materials, practically ensuring measurement of almost all media. The maximum medium temperature is 150 °C and the maximum pressure is up to 100 bar. Guide tube lengths from 40 mm to 6000 mm are possible, which can be installed on vessel top via flange or thread connection.

Depending on the float type, these level switches can be used for mediums having a density as low as 0.5 kg/dm³.  Compact design with small float diameters (starting from 18mm) allows the installation of these switches in containers with limited space.  When the top installation is not possible, the alternative model MS switch, suitable for side mounting, is recommended and operates exactly as described above.

Notable Advantages:

  • Simple installation
  • Long electrical service life due to sealed contacts
  • High-degree of operational reliability with an air gap between guide tube and floats
  • Installation in the top or the bottom of a vessel
  • Several levels can be monitored with one float
  • Open/close function or changeover contact available

For use in hazardous areas, the switches are also available with ATEX certification according to Ex II 1/2 GD Ex d IIC T6 Ga, II 2D Ex t IIIC T410..T85 °C Db and II 1GD Ex ia IIC T6  Ga -20 ºC Ta +60 ºC. 

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