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Portable pneumatic and hydraulic kit for on-site pressure calibration

Leitenberger GmbH, leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps – represented in southern Africa by Instrotech – is offering portable pneumatic and hydraulic pressure kits for on-site calibration.

Polysulfone paddle flow monitor

German technology company KOBOLD Instrumentation, manufactures a polysulfone paddle to monitor flow for nominal pipe sizes greater than NW 32.

Process instrumentation for the beverage industry

With the ever more stringent regulatory standards required of manufacturers’, process instrumentation for the beverage industry needs to be increasingly more reliable, accurate and of high quality.  Instrotech, local representative of Rototherm technology for process instrumentation in the beverage industry has three products which meet these stringent requirements.  VesselCheck, DensiCheck and CarboCheck are Canongate products that have found application in most of the leading beverage organisations’ plants worldwide, in the following applications:

SIKO’s inclinometer for rough and tough conditions

Siko announces the launch of the new SIKO Inclinometer IK360L, capable of working under the roughest and toughest of conditions.  The unit conforms to protection classes IP68 and IP69k and is protected against access with a wire as well as being dustproof.  It is also protected against permanent immersion and infiltration by water under high-pressure and vapour steam cleaning (i.e. road vehicles). 

Kobold’s optimum gas burner monitoring for no product rejection

KOBOLD Instrumentation, was asked to look into, and supply a solution to manufacturers’ of lighting machines, who generally require several small and one fully comprehensive maintenance procedures, annually on their production lines.

Kobold’s variable area flowmeter for gas burner

Whenever flow of gases or liquids need to be adjusted or monitored, the KOBOLD variable area flowmeters model UTS are a practical and affordable solution. These very compact measuring instruments can be placed precisely at locations, where they are exactly required.

CALOG by Instrotech’s space-saving, DIN-rail mount, programmable transmitter

Calog by Instrotechs’s versatile CALOG9000 – a miniature DIN-rail mount programmable isolated transmitter – has consistently sold well into the market, due party to its reliability and partly to the versatile wide range of programmable inputs SmartView® software allows

Highly accurate differential pressure transmitter with double sensor

Keller has announced the launch of the Series PRD-33 X. This impressive differential pressure transmitter features a double sensor for measuring the differential and line pressure independently, highly accurate measurements and a high overload resistance. Combining these benefits opens up new possibilities such as measuring the levels in liquefied gas tanks safely, accurately and at a reasonable price.

Instrotech launches latest in weighing transmitter technology

Instrotech has announced the launch of their latest multi-function weighing transmitter, the model 6004MF version II. It’s a powerful, compact, field-mounted unit that can be selected for a variety of weighing functions. Specifically designed for servicing organizations, weighing equipment manufacturing companies and individual users, the 6004MF is a single electronic unit that can be used for almost any application in the weighing industry. 


CALOG INSTRUMENTS - local designer and manufacturer of high quality process control instrumentation and industrial electronics - has embarked on a total rebrand of their range of products designed to control one or more system parameters, such as temperature, flow rate, weight or position.