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Kobold's DRH rotating vane flow meter

KOBOLD Instrumentation presents their rotating vane flow meter type DRH, which can measure flow rates of liquids of low viscosity – and even non-conducting liquids. Thanks to the extensive research and development by KOBOLD in the field of industrial  metrology and a comprehensive selection of specifications, specific solutions are available for a wide range of tasks and applications.

Kobold's UTS variable flow meters

Kobold’s optimum gas burner monitoring for no product rejection 

Keller Differential Pressure Module

Overpressure-resistant flow controller − flexibility thanks to digitization by Bernhard Vetterli, Dipl. El.-Ing. HTL

Polysulfone paddle flow monitor

German technology company KOBOLD Instrumentation, manufactures a polysulfone paddle to monitor flow for nominal pipe sizes greater than NW 32.

Kobold’s variable area flowmeter for gas burner

Whenever flow of gases or liquids need to be adjusted or monitored, the KOBOLD variable area flowmeters model UTS are a practical and affordable solution. These very compact measuring instruments can be placed precisely at locations, where they are exactly required.

Kobold’s new low volume variable area flowmeters for liquids and gasses

KOBOLD Instrumentation, has launched the KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters offering the perfect balance between low-cost, accuracy and range availability. 

Kobold KSV : Measure low volume flows

With low volume flow meter model KSV Kobold Messring GmbH was able to close a market gap. Even lowest possible liquid or gas flow rates can be measured.

Kobold KFR Series

The KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters offers the perfect balance between low-cost, accuracy and range availability. 

Instrotech showcases range flow meters

KOBOLD Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company – has a range of mechanical flow meters comprising of the KSK & KSM models, for high-volume measurement and the KFR model specifically for low-flow volumes.