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Now you can measure very low flows of liquids and gasses

KOBOLD has on offer model KDF/ KDG, low volume flow meters and monitors, now available with shorter (90mm) installation length.

The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG operate on the suspended float principle with a stainless steel ball, and are available in special versions for liquids and gases (air). The The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG, with stainless steel housing are installed vertically with flow direction from bottom to top via 1Ž4” thread or hose connection of 8 mm diameter. The needle valve enables an optimal setting of the flow rate. The respective flow rates can be read quickly and easily by a direct view of the measuring tube made out of rugged borosilicate glass.

Precision Filter Monitoring

KOBOLD, represented locally by Instrotech, has on offer their type PMP differential pressure sensor, specifically designed for monitoring filters for air or non-corrosive/aggressive gases, that measures the pressure difference before and after the filter chamber. The compact microprocessor controlled unit is housed in a robust plastic casing with an enclosure class of IP65.  Two hose connections allow for easy connection to the process before and after the filter.

Measuring Air Velocity in HVAC Systems

Kobold has the compact KAH Series airflow velocity transmitters, ideal for accurate ventilation control in Building Automation Systems (BAS) and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications.

Reliable and economical plastic flow meter

Kobold has on offer a plastic flow meter and a monitor; KSK/KSM that work on the ‘suspended float’ measuring principle, where the float glides up and down in a conical measuring tube.

The Kobold KSK/KSM, constructed of polyamide or polysulfone material, easily handle a variety of corrosive media, as well as all neutral media. Their light weight makes them ideally suited for systems which cannot be statically loaded, for example, non-stationary technical systems.  The Kobold KSK/KSM find application in cooling circuits, water treatment and plant engineering.

The standard measuring ranges of Kobold model KSK are 1.5 - 11 … 100 - 1000 l/h water and 0.15 – 0.45 … 20 – 105 Nm³/h air. The Kobold model KSM’s ranges are 15 - 150 … 8000 - 60000 l/h water, 0.8 - 5 … 300 - 2500 Nm³/h air.


New ultrasonic water meter for instantaneous measurements

ELIS, manufacturer and supplier of flow meters, has launched a battery-powered ultrasonic water meter intended for measuring flow rate instantaneously and pressure and consumption in water piping (standard EN 14154 for water works), water distribution systems and other industrial applications.

KOBOLD monitors fuel consumption in diesel engines

KOBOLD Instrumentation has on offer their Oval Wheel Flow Meters Model DON for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines, using the dual flow inputs and the 'A-B' setting.


KOBOLD Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company, is offering their model KSV flow meters and switches for very low flows with and without control valves – so even the lowest possible liquid or gas flow rates can be measured.


KOBOLD Instrumentation has on offer the compact KOBOLD Vortex flow meter Model DVZ, used for measuring and monitoring smaller and medium-sized flow of low viscosity, water-like liquids in pipes.

We have no sea, but we know how to measure salt water

Salt or seawater contains chemicals that cause different physical and chemical properties in comparison to fresh water. The salinity of seawater has an influence on density, on the different temperatures of freezing and mainly on the corrosion of any constructed object with which it may come into contact.  

KOBOLD KZA gear wheel flow meter

KOBOLD Instrumentation claims their KOBOLD KZA gear wheel flow meter reduces mechanical wear to a minimum, because the rotations can be read off contact-free, externally through the housing. The measuring device in a robust aluminium housing can tolerate a pressure load of up to 160 bar and is perfectly suitable for the measuring of viscous media.