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4 Ultrasonic Level Meter for liquids and solids

KOBOLD has on offer an ultrasonic level meter, The Kobold-NUS-4, to be used for non-contact, continuous level and volume measurement in vessels or for flow measurement in open channels.


Level measurement technology based on the non-contacting ultrasonic principle is especially suited for sticky or abrasive media and applications where, for any reason, no physical contact can be established to the surface of the material to be measured. Such reasons may include corrosive attack by the process medium against the measuring device material (acids), possible contamination (sewage) or particles of the process medium adhering to the measuring device (adhesive materials).

The ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle of measuring the time required for the ultrasound pulses to make a round trip from the sensor to the level to be measured and back. The sensor emits an ultrasonic pulse train and

receives the echoes reflected. The electronics evaluates the echo time of the pulses and determines the level. The compact evaluating electronics is mounted on the unit.

For remote transmission, a norm signal output and for monitoring purposes, a relay contact is available. For programming and for local display, the units may be delivered with an optional pluggable programming unit with LCD display.

The sensors have a total beam angle of 5°-7° at -3 dB. This ensures a reliable measurement in narrow silos with uneven side walls as well as in process tanks with various protruding objects. Furthermore, as a result of the narrow beam angle - the emitted ultrasonic signals focus and penetrate gases, vapour and foam.

The Kobold NUS-4 model is available in six versions for liquid level measurements from 0.2 - 4m up to 0.6 – 25m and for solids level measurements from 0.2-1.6 up to 0.6-10m. The compact Kobold NUS-4 model with powder-coated aluminum housing (with ingress protection IP67) are screwed into vessel covers or brackets and are installed vertical to the product surface by a norm thread or flange. An EPDM gasket ensures reliable isolation of the product. The 4…20 mA analogue output delivers a level proportional signal. 

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