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Kobold’s range of coriolis mass flow meters

Bitumen measurement under difficult conditions

A product application case history
The Task: The special challenge of this application was to determine the exact temperature of heat-tracing, and to be adapted to the respective type of bitumen product used. The meters had to be robust and temperature-stable, and their accuracy should be unaffected by portable custody transfer devices.

No more awful shower experiences with Kobold!

Imagine standing under the shower in a hotel in the morning… What usually happens when other hotel guests all start to shower at the same time? The water temperature suddenly changes from pleasant to horribly cold or unbearably hot!

0,3 % Accuracy - Kobold’s Standard

KOBOLD, proudly represented locally by Instrotech, has on offer a newly developed electromagnetic inductive flowmeter for conductive fluids – the KOBOLD DMH Flowmeter with a standard accuracy of ± 0.3% of reading stability of zero.  It is used specifically for the measurement and monitoring of the volume flow rate of acid or alkaline fluids, potable (drinking) water, waste water, pulps, pastes and other electrically conductive materials, without loss of pressure.

Is the medium flowing or not?

To check the flow processes in pipeline systems, flow indicators are frequently required which give an immediate visible answer to the question: "Is the medium flowing or not?"

Clear Visibility

To check the flow processes in pipeline systems and for insight into the interior of process pipes, many flow indicators are used in which the flowing medium sets a rotor turning and thus to a large extent visibly signals a flow. The special feature of Kobold’s special version Type DAA is that the rotor is housed in a glass cylinder.

Measurement and Regulation by Mass

KOBOLD has on offer type DMS digital flowmeters that, because they record the mass of gasses, are unaffected by the pressure and temperature of this medium. The measuring devices work using the bypass capillary system installation and are suitable for any installation position. The DMS digital flowmeters have no moving parts and as such the devices, available as flowmeter and flow regulator, are virtually fault-free.

Robust Differential Pressure Flow Meter/Monitor for Liquid and Gas

Kobold has model RCD flow meter, for measuring and monitoring the flow of liquids and gases. Depending on the RCD flow meter models, the measuring range of the device is from 0.5 to 2350 l/min for water and 0.5 to 2750 Nm3/h for air with connections G1/2 to G3, ½ "NPT to 3" NPT. It can also be used to measure and/or monitor other liquids and gases.

Monitoring Gas Burners with Kobold’s UTS Variable Area Flowmeter

Whenever flow of gases need to be adjusted or monitored the Kobold UTS offers a practical and affordable variable area flowmeter for monitoring gas burners.

Having problems measuring/monitoring difficult media?

Kobold has a turbine wheel flowmeter, the Kobold model DOT, that is perfectly suited to low viscosity applications. Proven turbine wheel technology measures and monitors even difficult media such as distilled water, acids, bases, alcohol and additives as well as several chemical or pharmaceutical compounds.

Heavy-duty magnetic flow meter for mining and wastewater treatment

ELIS has on offer a special type of magnetic flow meter, the ELIS FLONET FS10, with an induction sensor for the precise flow measurement of conductive liquids.  The ELIS FLONET FS10 has a special wear-resistant lining made from natural stone and is fitted with FISHER-ROSEMONT evaluating electronics.